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Acne – background and treatment

This condition refers to a disease, which is followed by a fairly intensive inflammation of the skin. Due to its nature, this condition is seldom treated with medicines alone, but numerous other treatments are employed, many of them based on the use of additional supplements.

Most effective supplements for acne treatment

Given the fact that supplements have become essential in treating many conditions and diseases, it is sometimes rather difficult to make a proper choice right from the start. As for acne, the most effective have proven to be the following:

Alpha-linoleic acid – this compound belongs to the group of omega-3 fatty acids and is especially effective in inflammation treatment, i.e. it keeps them down. The best source is considered to be Flaxseed. One downfall is that its effectiveness has not been fully proven yet, but most experts and solution providers do think it is one of the best ways to treat acne. Burdock – this plant has been employed in traditional medicine for quite some time, especially in Japan, China, and also Europe. It falls into the group of topical remedies for acne, and is also known to have a great potential in giving one’s body additional strength and energy. German chamomile – this herb was the primary medicine choice of Romans, Egyptians and Greeks, and for its healing properties it is employed in treating disorders related to the skin. Since acne are a skin disorder, and given the fact that many researches and studies have confirmed it, this type of chamomile is more than effective in treating this and similar conditions and skin diseases. Lavender – this plant is already familiar to many because of its widespread use in aromatherapy, but its benefits do not end there. Namely, it is also used to treat illnesses like acne, especially by herbalists. The most effective form is lavender oil, which regenerates dry and flaky skin and lesions, but aside from oil, lavender can be found also in the form of a lotion, tincture or a soap. Selenium – a powerful antioxidant known to have the ability to eradicate free radicals and exactly because of this property it is mostly used in treating acne. The richest sources are unprocessed food (whole grains, butter etc.). Vitamin A (retinol) – this vitamin is vital in skin care, while topical and oral mixtures comprised of it have proven to be extremely effective in acne treatment.

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