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There have certain breakthroughs in the research field whenit comes to efficient treatment of one of the most common and most irritatingskin related medical conditions known by the name of acne. Acne affectsmillions and millions of adults and adolescents everywhere around of the world,and all of them are desperately trying to find the best way of treating theirpainful and disfiguring condition. Numerous scientific studies have providesthe health care workers with extensive knowledge and understanding concerningthe progression and the actual causes of this annoying medical condition. Thereis still plenty of work to be done when it comes to determining several otherfactors responsible for the swelling, painful sensations and skin eruptions.Nowadays, the severity and incidence of acne can be significantly reduced byusing a certain combination of products. These products may not eliminate thesymptoms completely, but they provide hope that someday it could be possible todo that.

Research directions

The most important thing in all scientific studies is tounderstand and determine the factors responsible for the occurrence of themedical condition. The problem with acne is that it does not have one factorwhich causes it, so it is rather challenging to isolate all the differentfactors. This makes it even more challenging to provide the sufferer withproper treatment. The treatment needs to contain agents which dry the skineruptions, agents with antibacterial properties and certain other ingredientswhich are responsible for the healing of the skin breaks, all at the same time.

Natural products

Natural products are always a better solution than themanmade chemicals which often tend to be harsh when it comes to the treatmentof acne. Natural topical products accompanied by a good diet and a steadyregimen of cleansing are very efficient in improving the condition withoutdamaging the skin. The products which contain benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acidand plenty of vitamin A seem to be the most helpful ones.

Oral medications

There are also certain types of oral medications which canbe used for the treatment of acne. The most commonly used one is calledtetracycline and it is very efficient, it is completely safe and it has verypotent antibacterial properties. Adults usually use tetracycline more often,usually on a regular basis, for prolonged periods of time.

Topical medications

Topical medications usually tend to be more efficient thanthe ones taken orally. Sometimes the topical medicaments need to be mixed withthe oral ones.

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