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If you are thinking about getting pregnant it is important that you start to provide your body with the correct vitamins and nutrients that it will require to house a baby. There are many development problems that can occur with the baby due to a lack of nutrients.

Prenatal Vitamin Supplement

You cannot take the risk of underestimating the power of a good prenatal vitamin. There are many multi vitamin choices on the market all with a wide range of prices. Even, if you have a very healthy life style and you believe you are eating a good number of vegetables and fruits each day with a strong, healthy diet, the chances are you still are not giving your body everything it needs in the right quantities. It used to be thought that by taking a folic acid, iron and calcium supplement with the right daily amount was suffice. They are important but there are so many more nutrients you need to be giving yourself. It is so important that you choose the best on the market when it comes to a prenatal vitamin.

The Qualities of a First-Class Prenatal Vitamin

First you need to consider the absorbency of the vitamin. Some come in the liquid form but they do not have the best taste although they do absorb the quickest. You can also opt for the chewable vitamin. Most would agree the best tablet is the vegetarian capsule because they are easily swallowed, they absorb quickly and they don’t leave a nasty aftertaste. Don’t be fooled to think that you can only get a good quality prenatal vitamin through a prescription, there are plenty in the local pharmacy that have great quality. You need to look for the four key nutrients which are DHA which helps support the brain, folate which protects against spina bifida, calcium which is for the bones and iron which helps with the blood and the muscles. You can also try to add CoQ10 which prevents preeclampsia, choline which helps with the cognitive function, inosito which aids in the protection against neural tube defects and probiotics which prevents against spontaneous miscarriages.

Facts about Pregnancy

Out of the six million Americans that fall pregnant, only just over four million will be born. Around one in every seven women experiences a complication and every year nearly one hundred and sixty thousand babies are born with a defect. These are just a few facts to help you lean towards taking a prenatal vitamin to ensure you are not in these statistics next year.

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