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When a woman is planning to become pregnant, many doctors will advice her to start taking prenatal vitamins three months prior to the planned conception. One of the main recommendations from doctors is to ensure that the pregnant woman is taking prenatal vitamins that contain DHA, because this substance will assist baby’s eyes, heart and brain development process due to its content of omega-3 fatty acid.Pre Natal Vitamin Plan

It is important for women that are pregnant and even making a plan to become pregnant to start taking extra vitamins and minerals so they can make sure their baby receives enough to help with their growth and their health whilst developing inside the mother. Even, if a woman feels she is eating healthily and taking in all the nutrients and minerals necessary, it still will have some holes in it, thus the necessity of the prenatal pill.Prenatal Vitamins with DHA

It has become very popular over the recent years to take docosahexaenoic acid in the pre natal vitamin pill because of its omega 3 fatty acid. Unfortunately the baby will not produce the DHA by itself from inside the womb and needs to be provided by the mother. The DHA can be located in foods such as salmon and sardines, seaweeds and egg yolks. This is where the contradiction takes place, as the mother is more than likely told by her doctor to avoid seafood due to the mercury toxicity. If a woman does give birth to baby that have DHA deficiencies it can be noticed by the obvious low head circumference, low birth weight as well as low placental weight. Making sure that you have the appropriate levels of DHA assists in the prevention of certain birth defects like spina bifida. Another benefit is that it can soften stools and put a stop to constipation.Benefits of Prenatal Vitamins with DHA

The dosage recommendation is three hundred milligrams of DHA per day, however, this amount does not solely need to be supplied in a vitamin form, as mentioned earlier it can be obtained via egg yolk and fish. DHA has a prime outcome on the composition of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the baby’s brain. It is thought that seventy percent of the baby’s brain cells are made prior to birth, therefore it is significant to give DHA to the fetus. DHA also helps with learning and cognitive functions.

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