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Dependent on medicine

Though many would argue the validity of the followingstatement, the fact is that, due to extremelymedicine-oriented cultures we live in today, we have increasingly becomedependent on it, maybe even too dependent. One of the direct consequences isthat we have ceased to, not only to “consult” our bodies, but also to payingattention to what they signal us completely. What people today tend to do is relyunquestionably in the judgment of the doctors and are therefore prepared togive quite a lot of money for just one minor check up that ends up in doctorprescribing a single medication that is supposedly going to cure their illnessimmediately. But instead of curing, it actually does little or nothing to aid theperson. This also goes for the proper digestion, and the related overallhealth.

Just medicine or is there something else?

This is not to say that medicine is completely futile anddoes not give any results of relief, but in case a person seeks to get rid oftroubles for good and not suffer over and over again, then one should look upfor a solution some place else. As a matter of fact, quite a number of themedications available only mask the manifestations, but fail to properly addressthe health problem in question. On the other hand, there is also quite a numberof physicians who seldom invest proper amount of time and effort intodiscovering, diagnosing and ultimately treating a certain condition. In mostcases, the best treatment they give you is the one based on a particularmedication that has the ability to ward off the condition for a specificperiod of time, which doctors often treat as already cured. But that isunfortunately not the case, since those conditions do return and on a regularbasis as well.

Unmedical constipation cures

Given the fact that much information is readily availablewhen it comes to certain laxative foods of natural origin, as well on theirhealth beneficial characteristics, avoiding and warding off of the constipationcan prove to be a much easier task than thought of in the beginning. Among themost effective, but also savory and highly nutritious laxative foods we canfind a whole range of choices. Those include the following varieties:

Brancereals – high in fiber, low in sugars and preservatives, and an extremely healthbeneficial foodBeans, Peas, Legumes – low in cholesterol and fat aswell, but rich in fiber and most importantly proteins, presenting a superbsubstitute for meatBroccoli– besides the fact that it abounds in fiber, it is considered to be an excellentantibiotic natural in origin, as well as a potential aid in the treatment ofcancerDriedfruit – if dried properly, i.e. in an organic manner, they are known to keepmost of their nutritious characteristics. Such varieties as dried prunes, apricotsand figs are known to be extremely effective natural laxatives

Other natural laxatives that deserve to be mentioned arecherries, nuts, bananas, carrots, apples, green vegetables, and cinnamon.

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