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Constipation is a common problem of many people around the world. Constipation is a term that refers to infrequent defecation. The additional problem of constipation is related to a specific characteristic of the stool. Namely, the stool is generally hard, dry, small in size and difficult to eliminate. In majority of cases constipation is associated with painful defecation. So it is essential to pay attention to the problem and deal with it properly.

Constipation and Laxatives

Many people use laxatives to relieve the constipation. There are several types of laxatives including bulk laxatives, stimulant laxatives, osmotic laxatives and lactulose. It is essential to know that abuse of laxatives and prolonged intake may cause a loss of physiological act of defecation and an addiction. So people suffering from constipation should first try with some natural methods of dealing with the problem.

Natural Methods and Constipation

People suffering from constipation can benefit from an increased intake of food rich in fiber. There are many foods that contain fiber. For example, fiber can be found in grains (particularly whole grains), many fruits (with the skin), green vegetables, nuts and seeds. Apart from being rich in fiber, nuts and grains, for example, represent an excellent source of fatty acids that may assist in relieving constipation. It is important to get used to new eating habits and food that has not been a part of the previous diet. One should abstain from constipation culprits such as white flour, fried foods and refined sugars.

Furthermore, good bacterial flora is necessary for adequate digestion and in people who use too much laxatives and enemas those bacteria can be jeopardized and detrimental effects may develop in a form of either constipation or diarrhea. By consuming foods that contain live cultures of such beneficial bacteria one can prevent constipation.

In some people suffering from constipation the problem appears to be associated with muscle coordination. For example, such people may contract the anus instead of relaxing it. This particular problem can be efficiently brought under control with biofeedback methods.

And finally, people who are constipated should perform a weekly cleansing. Most of the food we consume is processed and eliminated within 72 hours. Still, up to 30% of the particular amount may linger in the colon for a week or even more. This is neither healthy for the colon nor it is good for the rest of the body. This is why a weekly cleansing of the colon may be a great way for relieving constipation. A weekly cleansing should not be performed with laxatives. It is better to add fiber to one's diet and prior to opting for a weekly cleansing it is essential to consult a doctor who will recommend the most convenient way of cleansing.

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