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Due to untreated urinary infections, there are about twelve million people who are exposed to the risk of kidney damage, or complete kidney failure.

Illness of the urinary tract can cause severe kidney damage. Millions of people, unfortunately, ignore this problem, risking to lose a kidney and hoping for time to heal the problem.

U.T.I., Urinary Tract Infection, has the following symptoms: frequent urination, incompetent urination, clouded or discolored urine, bloody urine, side aches, nausea, fatigue, chills, fever, nighttime sweats. It is important to know that kidney failure is even worse.

There is a simple three-step treatment with acidic foods, which can cure the Urinary Tract Infection, as well as its symptoms.

Most of the people look for a medical treatment, in order to solve their Urinary Tract Infection. Medications usually kills Escherichia coli, but they, unfortunately, also kill the "helpful" bacteria, leaving a person ill.

Instead of expensive medical treatments, it may be a good idea to try a natural three-step cure. It uses natural acidic foods, which do not cost much, compared to the expensive medication. It guarantees to kill and flush Escherichia coli within twelve hours.

In order to treat and cure an illness, it is necessary to find the cause first.

Usually, the urinary tract infections are caused by bacteria Escherichia coli, which has entered the urinary tract or bladder. Normally, the bacteria are to be fought off by the immune system. Unfortunately, the immune system sometimes does not function quite perfectly. If exposed at the wrong time, the immune system looses the battle against the bacteria. This especially refers to urethritis.

Even though this is a serious disease, it can be prevented and cured with "acidic nutritional plan" and healthy immunity.

Escherichia coli continually multiplies, and will continue to multiply, until the beginning of the treatment. The aim of this treatment is killing the bacteria and flushing it through bladder.

The aim of the treatments is to turn bladder into a harsh and unfriendly environment for bacteria. This is achieved through large amounts of the vitamin C and acidic foods. Once these high acidic levels reach the bladder, the bacteria can be killed in the next few hours.

Also, vitamin C will prevent the return of the bacteria into the urinary tract.

If this is the chosen method in the treatment of the Urinary Tract Infection, it is necessary to know how to balance body pH levels, by supplementing an alkaline ingredient.

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