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Yogurt helps you to lose weight and strengthen your immune system if you eat yogurt every day. A strong immune system can fight against fungal infections.

Eating yogurt every day may help you lose about 500 calories a day. A study about losing 500 calories a day was published in the international Journal of Obesity. Some other reports say that obese people lost 22% of their weight and 81% of their stomach fat by eating one yogurt serving daily. Yogurt is rich in calcium and that helps to keep your bones healthy. Yogurt also helps with muscle mass and that is good for losing fats.

If you use yogurt in your diet you will have many other benefits of yogurt, not only weight loss. Yogurt improves your immune system. Yogurt can help you to fight against fungi infections, especially Candida infections. Yogurt has high levels of calcium. Calcium is good for your bones, it makes them strong. Yogurt can prevent osteoporosis. Yogurt helps you against inflammation. Your colon will be healthier if you eat yogurt. Yogurt helps persons who have gluten and lactose intolerance by reversing them. Skin disorders can be healed faster if you eat yogurt. Yogurt can help you with eating disorders, it keeps them in check. Yogurt has many essential nutrients which help you to stay healthy. Yogurt can contain live friendly bacteria called probiotics. These friendly and good bacteria help your intestinal tract to fight against bad, enemy bacteria. Also, yogurt can help persons who take antibiotics. Antibiotics kill friendly bacteria and eating yogurt will help you to raise levels of good bacteria.

Yogurt diet can help you to lose weight. This does not mean that you should eat yogurt and nothing else during the day. If you want your body to be healthy you need eat and other foods and yogurt. You can combine yogurt with others foods. For breakfast, eat fruits with low calories such as apples and one serving of yogurt. For lunch, take a salad and one serving of yogurt. For dinner, take a salad with baked or steamed chicken or fish and after while you can eat one serving of yogurt. You should not eat more then 4 yogurt servings a day.

If you want to lose weight you need not to use only a yogurt diet. You can add yogurt to normal diet to help you in losing weight. Eat cereals with yogurt instead of milk. Also, add in these slices of apples and some pistachios and you will have a nutritious and low calorie breakfast. You can add yogurt in hot dishes. Make mixture of some cornstarch and yogurt and then put it in the meal which is just about to be cooked.

Also, you need to exercise. Exercise and diets combined together is more effective way to lose weight. You can exercise by aerobics, jogging, walking, swimming, weightlifting, etc.

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