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Besides technology, very closely related to \"diet\" is psychology. To be more exact, a certain mental dialogue, or conversation with oneself about the good sides of being slim, can help a lot in the dieting process. Pointing out the bad sides of being fat can help as well, if not even more.

It’s not bad leading an actual conversation with friends about this subject. This is very helpful because one emphasizes the importance of a new period in life and strengthens personal determination about this decision.

Also, the imagining part mustn’t be forgotten. Visualization plays a very important role in the dieting process. A good advice is to compare the photo of the actual look and the photo of how the same person had looked previously. After that, a plan includes placing the photos taken when being in a bikini all around the place, so that it could remind someone about the diet.

A lot of researches show that obesity can lead to many illnesses, such as diabetes, arthritis, and coronary disease, and knowing more about that fact is the key to the motivation that one needs when facing the diet problem.Keeping a journal is also very useful, because taking notes is far more exact and less depressing than recalling all the overeating issues.

As far as eating habits are concerned, first of all, it is god to talk about the meal before it begins . That way one can always count on the support of the friends and family. Of course, if eating alone, one must decide on the size of the portion, and put away the rest of food.

Then, every meal should be eaten only when hunger is felt, and choosing little meals instead of big ones is a smart decision. Eating fast is a bad habit because the researches have shown that it is the habit of the obese people. So, one should learn to eat more slowly and he or she will eat less that way.

Dining out, gathering with the people with the overeating problems or similar social activities that include eating can’t help. It is essential to realize that the meal time mustn’t be the high-point of the day, but a simple routine.

In conclusion, foods that should be avoided are: the ones with the high fat percentage, the foods that are low in protein and cellulose and of course, and the foods that rise up the appetite.

The best advice is to drink a lot of water, to increase the metabolism and muscle tone, and of course, drugs and alcohol are forbidden.

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