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We will give you a list of the several supplements that can greatly improve your cardio.


The first we will mention is the cardioforce, which can impair the factors that cause the gas, if used as supplement. Every fighter knows this is a good thing. Using cardioforce will greatly enhance your stamina and make your body perform much better. It will cause a long effect that can sometimes last for days. Many professional fighters use this supplement, since it can give strength and improve the fatigue levels. We will list several ingredients found in cardioforce, which can greatly enhance your physics. The first ingredient is the beta-alanine. Many researches have been performed on this amino acid and the results have proven that it is very effective and help in performing and training more and longer. It also makes a great connection and collaboration with other supplements among which is also creatine. If you use this combination, you will experience a dramatic change in your performance.

Next ingredient is the geranium extract. The process of derivation of the geranium oil manufactures this supplement, which is similar to epinephrine that can be found in a human body. This is a very powerful CNS stimulant and it will make you train much harder. Using cardioforce will fuel the adrenaline boost and you will come out much better from the dangerous situations because of this.


Cardioforce has several adaptogens. The first is the rhodiola rosea, which originates from the arctic area of East Siberia. Locals use it for the rise in physical ability, though it also increases the flow of blood to the brain. Other names used are rosea and golden root. Because of this ingredient, your heart rate will be in normal and the energy will be in great quantities after the training. A Russian scientist introduced it, because of its characteristic to enhance memory, maintain proper brain and cardiovascular function and because of its mood enhancing properties.

Next is the cordyceps sinensis, coming from China where it is known as caterpillar mushroom. Its effect on the human body has been known to locals for many years, but it has recently come in the markets so the western world can use many benefits of this substance as well. The last one is eluthero. It help with the prevention of adrenal burnout, decreases the bad effects of caffeine, strengthens the immune system and improves the overall state of the body and mind. This substance was very popular in the former Soviet Union. Remember that this herb needs to be taken at least 6 weeks before a competition, since in this way it will bring the best results.

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