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Choosing the Best Serotonin Supplement

Serotonin deficiency is probably a result of stress and poor nutrition, butthese are just speculations. Serotonin levels located in the brain cells canbe increased with the use of serotonin supplements, but know that there are someside effects associated with the use of this supplement and the most commonside effect is serotonin syndrome. If you take 5-HTP serotonin supplements, you will not have a problem with this condition because there hasn’t been acase of serotonin syndrome associated with this kind of supplement. Also, neveruse these supplements without prior consultation with the doctor, especially ifyou are pregnant.

Serotonin Supplements

The mentioned 5-THP is 5-hydroxyTryptophran, simply named tryptophan, is includedin the serotonin supplements. A mechanism that acts as a guardian for the brainis called blood-brain barrier and it prevents the invasion of serotonin in thecentral nervous system and the brain. But the serotonin precursor, or thetryptophan, can do this and the barrier will let this happen, which will lead tothe serotonin synthesis. The African herb called Griffonia simplicifolia is used for the derivation of 5-HTP that is used in the serotonin supplements. Dose rangingfrom the 100 to 300 mg of 5-HTP is considered safe to use.

The essential amino acid called L-tryptophan is used by the human body and itcan be found in the dietary proteins used for the 5-HTP production. But theselevels are insufficient so we have to eat foods such as meat, eggs and milk,which have high amounts of this amino acid. However, these are not the only fooditems rich with L-tryptophan.

Serotonin Supplement Uses

Now we will see which the uses of the serotonin supplements there are. Food cravings are thought to be caused by the deficiency of serotonin, but this can beeliminated if you take serotonin supplement half an hour prior to eating, since this will reduce the cravings. Serotonin levels will be increased due tothe consumption of caffeine, alcohol or tobacco and problems such as cravingsand anxiety can be a result of a withdrawal from these items. But the symptomsof withdrawal can be eliminated with the use of the serotonin supplements.These supplements can also help with the irritability due to menstrual cycle,mood swings, PMS pain, stress and obesity. But before you use serotoninsupplements see a doctor.

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