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Nice weather, badallergies

Forquite a lot of people, springtime is the most favorite time of the year, due to all the beautyand vigor it has to offer. However, for some spring is not that appealing andattractive because it stands for a number of fairly inconvenient bouts ofdifferent types of allergies. And spring is known to be the most active time ofthe year, when it comes to this. What befalls the above mentioned people aresuch awkward things as more than frequent sneezing, runny nose, congestion, itchyor watery eyes, headaches, haziness and alike.

The enemy

For all these, thereis but one most blamed culprit and that is, of course, the allergy itself. Theyare regarded as improper, unordinary and even overactive immune systemresponses. The onset begins once a person’s body reacts in the way that itstarts treating allergens such as pollen as extremely vicious enemies that need to be disposed of as soon as possible. What happens next is that theperson’s immune system starts behaving strange due to unfamiliar reasons,producing bigger quantities of antibodies that serve as a first line of defenseagainst the intruder, located inside the body. As a direct consequence of this,there occur a number of inflammations, inducing the occurrence of unpleasantmanifestations talked about earlier.

Protection andtreatment

When it comes to themore conventional Western medicine, it tends to solve this problem by way ofantihistamines, which do prove to be quite effective in number of cases. But on the downside, these medications are known to bring about such unwantedeffects as drowsiness, agitation, dry mucus membranes, among other things. Thusthe alleviation they provide is not complete and they do not treat the bigger problem, which is at the root of an allergy.

On the other hand, onehas at his/her disposal a much better option; for example, Chinese traditionalmedicine. It treats allergies as an issue of the Wei qi – the protective energythat moves on the surface of the body and makes sure that no substances andpathogens affect the body itself. Thus, once any of the harmful substances comestoo close initiating the response from the immune system, this is the cue that Weiqi must be made even stronger.

Chinese medicinerests on the essence of strengthening the underlying systems that are known toprovide back up for Wei qi, enabling it to perform its duty in the bestpossible way. One way is undergoing acupuncture sessions, since it is knownthat it can remedy all the acute symptoms that are present, e.g. momentarycongestion relief and alike. Another extremely beneficial and effective way todeal with this issue is to employ herbal formulas, since they have the abilityto fortify the person’s immune system, deal with the allergy themselves, and alleviatethe prevailing symptoms.

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