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Why do allergies occur and how can they be treated?

Allergy is a reaction of the immune system to some foreignsubstance, which is normally not toxic, but which is recognized as a harmfulinvader by mistake. Most usually such substances are pollen, certain food orfood ingredients, bee venom, pet dander or even detergents. Since the immunesystem generally produces antibodies that are responsible for protection fromsuch invaders, in cases of allergic reactions, these antibodies are released,which is why the symptoms that may involve skin, digestive system, airwaysor sinuses occur. Sometimes the allergy manifests through a minor irritationonly, but sometimes it may provoke anaphylaxis, which is a life threateningcondition.

As for the treatment, the fact is that there are numerousways in which the symptoms may be treated, but the allergy itself can never becured. Most commonly, the patient is suggested to drink a lot of water,exercise, avoid smoking and the allergen after it has been identified, and touse allergy medications (corticosteroids, antihistamines, decongestants, and others,although the choice depends on the allergy in question). Very serious cases mayrequire allergy shots that contain purified allergen extracts, and thistreatment is suggested only when other methods do not help.

What nutritional supplements are helpful with allergies?

As for nutritional supplements that can help in cases ofallergies, there is a so-called general list, but the patient should never choose the supplements on their own. Instead, the doctor should be the onewho will decide on the appropriate ones, since the choice also depends on thetype of the allergy in question. It is also important to pay attention to the manufacturerand to make sure that the supplements that are to be used are of high quality. Thelist contains the following:

Stinging nettles, due to its effectiveness in cases of hayfever,MSM or methylsulfonymethane, and protease enzymes, due to theirability to reduce allergic responses,Quercitin and vitamin C, due to the fact that they haveantihistaminic propertiesProbiotics, since they affect the potential for allergies ina positive way,Digestive enzymes and betaine hydrochloride, since theyreduce the possibility of developing food sensitivity and they assist in fooddigestion,Eveybright, which should be applied as a solution in cases of eyeirritationsEssential fatty acids, due to their ability to reduce the inflammatoryresponses that are in connection with the allergy.

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