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Most homeopathic and natural remedies intended for the treatment of bed wetting are designed for infants, although some of them can be used to treat adults as well.

Homeopathic medications are usually milder and a lot cheaper than traditional bed wetting remedies. Due to the cost differences, these are often the first choice of many adults experiencing bed wetting. Possible severe side effects and a prescription that is difficult to obtain also may influence the buyer’s choice towards homeopathic products. Any homeopathic remedy for bed wetting should be used at one’s own risk.

Homeopathic medicine treats a person’s health from all aspects to formulate proper treatment, while traditional medicine concentrates and treats just singular symptoms.

Natural medicine concentrates on various parts of plants used to produce different medicinal affects. Natural and homeopathic practitioners both rely on natural materials, but more often than not there’s a case of different practitioners having different approaches to the treatment of the same illness.

Most natural and herbal medications for bed wetting have one or more of these natural substances: Causticum, Heymale, Kreosote, Belladona, Sulphur and Sepia. Usually it’s best to stick with larger, well-known remedy companies in terms of reliability.

Many products on the market are intended for infants, so adults should consult the doctor for the dosage. Sometimes the dosage is simply doubled but that won’t necessarily stop nighttime bed wetting.

Hyland’s Bedwetting Tablets are 100 percent natural and are most suitable for infants and adults who cannot swallow pills, since they dissolve very easily.

They are marketed for children mostly, but adults can also follow dosage instructions for children over 12 with satisfying results. There are no reported side effects and the taste of the tablets is very pleasant.

Hyland’s Ignatia Amara helps relieve bed wetting, but also has a nice relaxing effect which also positively affects sleeplessness. Usually it is used to treat nerve issues, anxiety and anger, and it also eases stress, relieves irritability, and helps patients to fall asleep. It does not develop a habit, contains no Aspirin nor acetaminophen, and has no reported side effects.

Be-Dry Bedwetting Formula is a natural homeopathic medication which relieves nervousness. It is intended for use mainly in children and teens. It contains no gluten, artificial colors, preservatives or colors and even lacto-vegetarians may use it.

Homeopathic remedies definitely are not for everyone, but one should not dismiss them that easily, because many people have had success using them, when traditional medicine did not offer any help.

That is one of the reasons many doctors have started paying more attention to homeopathic remedies, because they get results where traditional medicine does not.

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