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This text explores bed wetting subject that appears in older children. As it is expected, every parent becomes worried and frightened when its child starts wetting in bed. But, before you start to look for the cause and cure, bear in mind that even older children can experience episodes of bed wetting at some pint of their childhood. You can monitor the frequency of bed wetting of your child and if it appears over three months with the frequency of two to three times a week, then you must look for some professional help.

In vast number of cases of bed wetting, medical intervention isn’t necessary, and you can turn to other approaches that can prevent this problem. It is important to understand that these methods monitor bed wetting during one night. By using these techniques, a child can learn how to control the bladder and wake up to go to the toilet. Here we will explain some of these methods and you can try them on your child.

Bladder training is a technique that expands the bladder by delaying urination, and thus enables more fluid to fit in it. That is how the urination urge is postponed, and a child may sleep peacefully through the night. So, when your child asks you to go to toiled, you should tell him to wait a couple of minutes. The amount of the time that a child has to spend waiting in order to go to the bathroom should slowly be increased. You and your child have to be persistent in this exercise, but, the outcome will be a strong muscle that holds back urine.

Moisture Alarms are alarms that proved to be very successful in older children. As soon as the urine reaches a child’s pajamas, the alarm turns on. In this way a child is stimulated to get out of the bed when feeling that he/she has to urinate.

The Reward System is a system by which you always give your child some kind of a reward whenever he/she doesn’t wet in bed. Those rewards should consist of something that a child likes and enjoys, like spending an afternoon with him/her in a walk, or visiting his favorite sports event. Encouragement and approval form the parents can mean a world to a child.

Night-Lifting is a method in which you always wake up your child at some time during the night to empty the bladder. It also isn’t a bad exercise and it helps your child to set some inner alarm that will wake him up whenever he/she feels an urge to urinate. If none of these methods manages to help your child, then you should consultation the doctor and try with some medications.

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