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Everyone who has the honor of being a parent knows how difficult it can be to stop bed wetting in the boys. This article will give you some possible solutions on how to stop bed wetting in their case. A vast majority of children has this kind of problem and first, if your child starts to wet its bed during night, don’t make a big fuss about it. Approximately at the age of three, a child stops to wet its bed. But, what to do if he doesn’t stop?

Causes of Bed Wetting in Boys

Nocturnal enuresis is a medical term that describes what we all know under the name of bed wetting. Nocturnal enuresis consists of two types: primary and secondary enuresis. A child who wets the bed almost every night has primary enuresis, but if it has stopped doing that and then continued after some period of time, then it is called secondary enuresis. Factors that influence bed wetting in boys can be physical and emotional. In some cases, the problem may be the size of the bladder. Namely, the bladder is too small to retain the fluids through the night. Nerves and the muscles that control the bladder can also cause this problem because they are not fully developed and they can’t function properly. As the time passes, muscles and nerves mature and they can control the bladder. When dealing with secondary enuresis, it suddenly start in case of some other health problems like urinary tract infection or juvenile diabetes. If a child is under some kind of a mental distress, bed wetting can even occur in older children. It can appear if a new baby enters the family, or with the parent`s divorce or some other trauma.

How to Stop Bed Wetting in Boys

You, as parents, have to understand that the punishment is not a proper method for treatment of the boy who wets its bed. It is because the fact that the child is upset enough by the realization of bet wetting and it makes him uncomfortable. But, what to do to stop bed wetting in your child? First, you can make sure that he doesn’t drink too much fluid in the evening, and that before going to sleep he goes to bathroom. In that way, the bladder will be empty during the night and the child won’t feel the urge to urinate. You can also teach him some bladder exercise, by asking him to drink a lot of water and then when he wants to urinate, ask him to wait five minutes more and then go to the bathroom. In that way, the bladder stretches and makes more room for the fluid during night. In some cases, he is simply afraid of the darkness or the bathroom is too far away from his room. So, leave the light on during the night and make sure that his room is near the bathroom.

The most important thing is to be patient as this kind of problem doesn’t solve in one night. You must be patient with your boy and give him support and love that he needs.

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