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Nocturnal enuresis is more commonly known as bed wetting. This habit is usually found in the children, especially in boys. There is a medicine that is one hundred percent natural and can completely cure bed wetting habit.

The Causes of Bed Wetting

Unfortunately there is no single proven cause for bed wetting, as there is an array of grounds for this issue. These reasons can range from having an irregular sleep pattern, stress problems and even a small bladder. If your child continues to wet the bed after they have reached the age of six and if the bed wetting is rather frequent, it is advisable to see your doctor who may want to follow through with a series of questions and tests, if for no other reason, than to eliminate any underlying serious causes of the bed wetting.

The Treatment for Bed Wetting

Usually in the medical field, the doctors don’t tend to offer advice about natural treatments and are often deterred from prescribing medicines due to the side effects they cause. Unfortunately, a lot of parents will punish their children for wetting the bed. This is definitely not the answer, as it is not respectful, it is highly humiliating for them and will not solve the problem. It is far better to talk to them about how they are feeling, and as a parent see if you can find out if they are stressed about anything. Next tell them that they will grow out of it and be sensitive to their emotions. Three things are recommended to help your child through their bed wetting years. It is very important to give them encouraging support, possibly an alarm structure, and another thing that may help is the use of herbal medicines. The Three Steps

Your positive encouragement should include explaining to your child the importance and reasons for not drinking liquids before their bedtime. The alarm is a wonderful gadget that will basically detect any wetness because it is attached to the child's underwear. The alarm will sound when it detects wetness and hopefully wake your child up. He or she will be then made aware of the up and coming procedure of getting out of the bed and visiting the toilet. The herbal treatment called equisetum which is located in Asia can also help. You get your child to have it about half an hour prior to eating, it works by basically relaxing the child's bladder thus consenting to being full and not releasing in the night.

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