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There are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from some skin disorder. One of the most common disorders is acne. People who have them are looking for various ways to treat them. One such treatment is a cortisone injection. This injection is particularly effective for the treatment of nodules and cysts. The main reason why that is so, is because cortisone acts as an anti-inflammatory substance. Apart from that, a person who injects it will make the healing process a lot faster. Cortisol is a hormone which is created in the adrenalin glands. However, it is converted into cortisone by 11-beta-steroid dehydrogenase. When cortisone is in its natural form and mixes with blood there are no side effects. A lot of dermatologists will use cortisone injection as a treatment for severe acne. Apart from treating acne, cortisone is also good for the treatment of inflammation of the joints and tendons because of its anti-inflammatory characteristics. Scientists are making synthetically manufactured cortisone because the naturally produced one does not have a long lasting effect. A lot of people with acne problems opt for the cortisone injection because it is effective and painless. Apart from the injection, there is also a cortisone cream which people can use topically to treat acne and some other problems like insect bites and psoriasis.

Cortisone shots to treat acne

Only a few acne types are not caused by the blockage in the sebaceous gland. When this gland gets blocked, a lot of bacteria occur and that is how acne shows up. In many cases, people with acne end up with cysts and nodules which are quite painful and in many cases leave a permanent scar. A person with acne problems usually has a very low self esteem. People with acne have tried various products but a vast number of them do not seem to work. That is why people should try cortisone injections. The needle will be inserted straight into the affected area. The cysts and nodules should be gone within seven days. However, some patients will need a second or even a third shot. Cortisone shots side effects

Even though side effects from this shot do not occur very often they still do in some cases. The main reason for that is because the shot is administered locally. Discoloration of the skin is the most common side effect that occurs from cortisone injection. Apart from that, a person may also experience a steroid flare and even atrophy.

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