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Many people would be surprised atthe amount of various microorganisms that live in our body. These microorganismsare bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and many other pathogens and they are really present in our body in great numbers. Not all of these microorganisms are harmfulfor the body; on the contrary, many of them assist in many body functions. All of thesemicroorganisms live in our body in the excellent environment for theirproliferation. However, the body’s immune system is so strong that it regulatestheir amounts.


Pinworms are the harmfulmicroorganisms and they are intestinal parasites that cause pinworminfection, which is classified as the ringworm infection. Roundworms (includingpinworms) use our digestive tract to live and multiply themselves laying eggs in the body until they grow into the adults, which means about 13millimeters. These grownups then reach the anal area through the digestivetract and then again lay their eggs in the anal region.

Spreading of pinworms

Pinworms may be spread easily throughseveral ways. In the majority of cases, the children are infected and they contractthe infection when the pinworms or their eggs get under their fingers, which usually happens when theyare scratching their bare anal region. The eggs of pinworms can also be spread when a child does not wash the hands after going to toilet and thentouches some toy. Thus, the person who next takes that toy gets infected. Theinfected child may also spread the pinworms eggs not only to the toys but alsoeverywhere in the house.

The pinworms eggs can survive eventwo weeks outside our body and we can inhale them when breathing or when we eatfoods in which they are deposited. Since the spreading of the pinwormsis very easy, it is important to prevent it by taking some precautionary measures, like frequent washing of hands, daily bathing and frequent changing and washingof cloths.

Symptoms of pinworm infection

In mild cases of pinworm infection,the infected people usually do not notice any symptom. Only when the infectionis moderate or severe, the symptoms start to show themselves. Pinworm infections tend to causeuncomfortable itching around the anal region, while in cases of girls, it can lead to the occurrenceof vaginal itching and irritation, which is known as vaginalitis. The people who contract this type ofinfection may often experience nervousness, irritability, exhaustion and sleepingdisorders. Pain in the abdomen, nausea and the loss of body weight are also some ofthe warning signs of the pinworm infection.

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