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Post-exercise Ankle Pain

Though running is a beneficial exercise for both general and cardio-vascular, health, doing it can lead to pain in the ankles. Some intense exercises, like jogging or sprinting, can cause the ankles to flare up in pain. As the muscles grow accustomed to pain, it will diminish. Experiencing pain after a run can be a worrisome, discomforting experience, but methods exist to alleviate this pain. Several reasons exist as to why one might experience joint pain upon running.

Causes of Ankle Pain after running

Recently bought shoes can apply stress to the feet and invoke ankle pain, as the shoes are not fully broken in yet. In the case of older shoes, certain sections of the shoe can become worn out, such as the heel or ankle area, leading to the shoe not absorbing enough shock, and causing pain to the ankles. Running shoes should be worn when performing cardio exercises, because wearing shoes not fitting to the job can harm the foot and cause problems.

A good running performance can depend on the surface upon where it is performed. Concrete surfaces can lead to large amounts of strain on the ankles, due to their hardness. Running on trails is gentler to the feet as it is softer, but the uneven nature of such paths and the ankle adaptation it causes, might also give rise to pain.

Preparing joints, by stretching, is critical for the avoidance of stiff ankles, as well as pain.

Running functions well in working the heart and elevating the heartbeat, but over exercising is not recommended. A slow increase in speed proportional to distance covered is advised in lieu of overtly intensive outbursts of speed.

Proper amounts of downtime should be utilized between exercises, as the muscles need to cool down in order to function properly in the near future. Any continuation of uncomfortable sensations can be relieved by resting prior to any further workout, as well as medical consultation if the need arises.

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