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What cancause swelling in the ankles?

Sometimestoo much fluid accumulates in the ankle due to some sort of the injury on theoutside, and the ankle ends up in swelling. Aside from injuries, fractures andinsect stings can also be the cause of the swelling in the ankles, not tomention if an allergic reaction to the sting occurs.

Also, thereare some medical conditions that may have swollen ankles as consequences. Theseinclude the inflammation of the kidneys and high blood pressure.

Finally,pregnant women are quite liable to the swelling in the ankles.

How totreat the swelling in the ankles?

The mostimportant thing to do is to take some of the pressure off the ankles. Thatmeans avoiding walking or remaining on one’s feet for a very long time, not tomention running or jumping, or any similar activity. Swollen feet need rest, soit’s important to spend as much time relaxing and helping them heal. If one feelslike they can’t be in a horizontal position all the time, at least they canmake sure to lift the feet on a chair when sitting.

Anotherthing to do is to apply cold compresses to the swelling, as they can help numbthe pain and decrease the swelling.

The intakeof water is very important here, so one should make sure to drink as much of itas possible throughout the day. And while other fluids are allowed as well, oneshould make sure to stay clear of the substances that work as diuretics andincrease the urine production, as they will do the exact opposite. The neededwater can also be obtained through foods, like fruits and vegetables. However,the foods that contain a lot of salt are much advised to be avoided.

Some peoplefind the pain from the swelling in the ankle quite difficult to bear. That’swhy they turn to options like ankle support and bandages or pain medications.Speaking of medications, the kinds of medications that contain hormones oraffect the hormones in the body should not be taken under any circumstances, asthey can only make matters more complicated.

How canpregnant women relieve their ankle swelling?

Swollenankles during pregnancy are just another one of the perfectly normal changesthat the body goes through due to hormonal fluctuations.

Therereally isn’t much to do to make the problem go away, but pregnant women canrelieve the symptoms by making sure to have sufficient rest, always keep thefeet up when sitting, avoid uncomfortable shoes and clothes and introduce somephysical activity to the routine.

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