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Bodybuilding is one of the most popular physical activities. Even though some will say that the competitions in bodybuilding are based on the subjective opinions of the judges since the competitors just show their muscles and that is it, it is still a serious activity, especially because a lot of effort and time is needed in order to reach that bulked up and a perfectly shaped body, rich with muscles and without an ounce of fat tissue.

How is that achieved? One thing that most people do not think of is motivation. There is that inner strength, something that pushes us to reach the limits and breach them in order to reach perfection. Of course, it is questionable what is perfect for each and every one of us, but whatever it is, getting it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, faith, patience, and sacrifice. Entering the gym is not enough and lifting weights, sweating and jerking the entire body for that last rep might go to waste if there is not a support in a form of supplements. For competitive bodybuilding, supplements are necessary and without those, the mentioned perfection will stay unreachable.


Supplements include several basic types, all of which should be included in the regime of a serious bodybuilder. So, there are muscle mass gainers, fat burners, vitamins, minerals, additional energy sources, and all of these products can also be divided by the time they have to be taken. There are those that should be used before the training session and those that should be used after exercising. One of the interesting variations would be anabolic halo nano vapor combo.

Before and after

Anabolic halo has been a target of several discussions regarding its efficacy, and even though there are many negative comments, it is still present in the market as one of more popular products. Nano vapor is taken before the training session, while anabolic halo must be taken afterwards. Nano should be ingested at least 30 minutes before the first exercise in order to settle in the organism and for its effect to start. Some who tried it say that they felt as if their endurance increased and most of them say that they got a very good pump. As for the anabolic halo, as already said, opinions are different. Some even say they had problems with side effects such as diarrhea and sleepiness.

Obviously, this is a variation that proves useful to some, while there are also those who talk about this with disappointment. The good thing is that, if it does not work, there are hundreds of other products to use and combine.

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