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How come it is so difficult to find a proper supplement for mass gain? Is it possible that there are so many products that more or less do nothing for a lot of money? As if it is not enough to give a lot of money for a gym, gym gear, and healthy diet; additional money is needed for supplements, too.

The muscle

Muscles are what we want to develop while exercising in a gym, and when we say development, we think of both mass and toning. Muscle mass needs good workout and supplements. Workout should consist of lifting as much weight as possible in usually small number of reps and sets (three sets with up to 6 reps, nothing more). It is also necessary to increase lifted weight after some time and this should be done at the very first moment a bodybuilder feels that certain weight is not that heavy anymore. Resting time is important for muscles; some say that at least 24 hours should pass before one muscle is put under the strain again. Shortening the pause time might only damage the muscle.

The products

It is not possible to reach the competitive shape of the body with only exercises and with some herbal products. It is possible to become strong and to bulk up to a certain point, but to cross that point serious products are needed. For muscle mass, weight gainers are needed and this is where a problem starts. What you actually need is a useful and detailed info on the product you want to buy, but the fact is that this is something that cannot be gathered easily. Perhaps the easiest way would be to ask a gym instructor for help, or someone who has more experience in this physical activity. Side effects should also be taken into consideration. Even though many of the products today are less artificial, and are becoming more and more natural, it is obvious that there are products that should be avoided. Some will say that an example for that is Muscletech anabolic Halo. It cannot be said that it is not effective because it is, but it is not as effective as it is said by the manufacturers, who claim there are more than 75 useful substances in this product. Perhaps there are, but if that would be analyzed, some of those mentioned substances would be found in traces only, and in the amount which is far from being effective for a bodybuilder. It cannot be said for this product that it does not work; it is just that there are many better options for less money.

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