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Allergy shots side effects

Lots of people who suffer from allergies tend to take these shots and get rid of the allergies for good. Allergens like dust mites, stinging insects, mold spores, pollens and animal dander can be treated with an allergy shot but not allergies caused by foods. People should know that it takes a lot more than just one shot in order for the person to become allergy free. A lot of researches have been made on this subject and it is considered to be quite safe. However, there are cases when a person may suffer from some serious side effects.Who can be given allergy shots?

Some people do not experience the same relief from medications for allergies like other people. It is not that rare that people develop an allergy to something else while taking medications. When age is considered, only children under the age of five cannot get the shot. On the other hand, people who suffer from asthma, high blood pressure, some kind of a heart or lung illness and glaucoma are not advised to take the shot. Apart from people with these diseases, pregnant women should not take allergy shot neither.

Allergy shot effectiveness

The period in which people receive these shots can go from six months to one year. People will get a shot once or twice in a week. A person should know that he or she will not feel the effect at once because it is a long and slow process. The shot is made of the very thing a person is allergic to. At first small quantities will be given but the dosage will increase in time.Before a person can start receiving these shots he or she will have to pass a couple of medical tests first.

Allergy shots side effects

Even though side effects are not that common they do appear sometimes. The one side effect that happens most often is the itchiness on the area where the shot is given. This particular inconvenience is not dangerous and will disappear by itself but a person should go to the hospital if it persists for a couple of days. Other side effects include those that are just like those caused by allergies. Nasal congestion, coughing, watery eyes, sneezing, hives and the like. Sometimes these side effects may worsen and a person may experience problems like wheezing, throat swelling and chest congestion. However, the most dangerous side effect is anaphylaxis.

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