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Alcohol is a chemical to which the body accustomed to and when we eliminate it fromthe use, body needs to adjust to the new situation. During this period, an individual will experience hallucinations, anxiety, depression, raisedtemperature, mood swings, extreme edginess, disorientation, confusion,intensive shivering, chills, vomiting and nausea. There are some other problems as well, but these are the most common ones. See a doctor before you start your detoxprogram, especially if you have some underlying medial issue. Alcohol detox can be done at home as well, and it will surely help you in removing harmful material from yourbody.

The Beginning

You have to want to eliminate alcohol from your life and when you decide to do this,you need to talk to a doctor or a physician about it. You will probably getValium Librium or something similar and you will decrease the dosage gradually.The diet is very important during the home detoxification and you have to includeitems such as fresh fruits along with salmon oil tablets, Supradyn Forte,Centrum or other supplement. You will need a support, which you shall find inyour family or friends. Find someone who will stay with you for a while becausethis will increase your determination and help you not to back up. Also, you may needmedical attention and it is good to have someone around who will help you.Along with the detox program, the patient has to be reminded why he or she is doingthis, and this reinforcement is crucial for the success of the program. You willhave to remove situations associated with alcohol from your life and this shouldbe done when the program ends, so try to avoid places where youwent to drink or similar. Know that elimination of alcohol from your life is along-term process, which does not end once the detox ends. With time you will getstronger and more resolved and in this period, you will have to think about yourbright future and leave the past behind you.


Good network needs to be established. For example, you can talk to a sponsorwho will help you if you are tempted by alcohol and you can get this sponsorvia AA organization. It is crucial to let the past be past and eliminate behaviorfrom this period. Only by doing this, you will be able to form the new you.

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