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How to Get Rid of Cold Sores?

Cold sores can be more thanuncomfortable. These can make your daily existence harder than youcan possibly imagine. Apart from being an eyesore, they make you soresince these things hurt. What is more, the pain is both physical andmental, since having a cold sore will reflect upon yourself-confidence as well as your overall physical condition. There arecountless possible cures for treating cold sore, claiming to becapable of completely removing this skin problem quickly andeffectively. This can hardly be true, unfortunately. Namely, most ofthese products can only make you less miserable while having a coldsore, since you will experience less pain and irritation.Nevertheless, medicine is still to find a successful way of removingcold sores. Until that day comes, you might want to turn to natureand learn how to combat cold sores by using some elements from oursurroundings.

Tips and Tricks for Removing Cold Sores

The first line of defense against coldsores is zinc. This mineral protects our body from many infections,including this form of herpes. If we ensure a regular intake of up to30mg of this mineral daily, we are likely never to experience coldsores on our face. However, if we are already late, zinc can stillhelp us. Moreover, we may apply zinc both internally and externally.When applying zinc directly on the sore, you must opt for a formwhich is easily and quickly absorbed. For internal usage, supplementswill suffice; just take care of the dosage.

Tea comes next. Yet, you are not todrink it, even though drinking tea provides you many health benefits.Rather, you are to place a warm tea bag onto the cold sore and letthe magic to the rest. The warmth of the tea bag will stimulate bloodflow through the sore, making our organism fight herpes more thanusually. Also, the healthy elements in the tea will do their thing,removing all the harmful microorganisms, resulting in a fasterrecovery from cold sores. Black and mint teas are the best for thispurpose, even though every herbal tea can do.

Finally, certain oils are excellent fortreating cold sores naturally. Combining eating fresh garlic withapplying garlic oil onto the troublesome spot can be instantlyeffective. If you do not prefer garlic due to the smell, you mightwant to give oregano oil a chance. This oil has the same effect, onlywithout the specific, notorious, garlic scent. Applying tea tree oiltopically is another excellent alternative. All these may bepurchased in any health store, or even pharmacy.

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