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Adrenal fatigue diet

The foods that a person should eat when his or her adrenaline is low are pretty much the same as the foods that are consumed in a normal diet for a healthy lifestyle. It is important that a person has meals which are full of high-quality nutritious foods. These foods will keep the adrenal functions on the proper level and will maintain normal blood sugar levels. The bad thing is that people have heard lots of misinformation about the diet and some of them are not correct. Adrenal glands are affected by the things a person consumes. Morning coffee, avoiding real sugar, salt, fat and skipping meals all have an impact on the person's adrenal glands.

Diet for adrenal fatigue

One of the most important thing is that a person does not skip the meals. In addition to this, the meals should have plenty of protein and there should be three snacks as well. A person should mix protein and starch intake, not take them both in the same meal. The balance is very important so that the digestive system does not have any problems.

A person should make sure to intake “real” food and not pre-packaged mixes.

What a person has for breakfast is very important. The idea that cereals, fruits and grains are an excellent breakfast is wrong because these foods are quickly converted into sugars. A person should intake plenty of proteins for breakfast. Eggs and meats are a good example. Whey protein meal shake is a good option for a fast and easy breakfast.

The intake of starchy and sugary carbohydrates and fruits should be limited. A good replacement for the starchy foods are non-starchy vegetables, especially if they are raw or lightly cooked. Things like broccoli and cabbage for instance should always be cooked because they contain the goitrogenic compounds.

Things like white sugar and white flours should be cut out of the diet plan. Whole-grains are a good replacement and so are raw honey and molasses. Caffeine is another thing that should not be a part of this diet. Because it is not easy, a person should try not taking it by gradually taking less and less coffee.Alcohol is also out of the question. If a person has problems leaving alcohol there are books that may help.

Salt is important for adrenal functions so a person must not limit the intake of salts.Another thing that should not be restricted are fats. However, a person should make sure that he or she is consuming the right fats. Hormones are dependent on the fats.

Another thing a person should do is stop eating the foods he or she is allergic or sensitive to.

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