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There are a lot of people all over the world who suffer from acute pancreatitis. These people need to know that it is important for them to follow a particular diet in order to avoid making the condition of the illness even worse. It is a known fact for most people that pancreas is a gland that is located behind the stomach. The role of this gland is to secrete enzymes which are important for the digestion that goes into the small intestine. These enzymes are important for further digestion of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Apart from this, pancreas also plays a role in the release of insulin into blood stream. This is important due to the fact that insulin regulates the use of energy which is important for various body functions. A person suffering from pancreatic means that his or her enzymes become active even before they reach the small intestine and that causes damage to the pancreas. People should know that pancreatitis can be either acute or chronic. The most common causes of pancreatitis are extreme alcohol consumption, gallstones, certain infections, trauma or surgery. Some of the most common symptoms of acute pancreatitis are vomiting, nausea, abdominal discomfort, fever and increased heart rate. It is important for a person suffering from pancreatitis to follow a special diet in order not to make the symptoms worse.

Diet for acute pancreatitis

First of all, people need to know which foods trigger the symptoms and which do not. A person should also find out which foods make the illness better.

A person should definitely avoid the consumption of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.

Almost all people know that antioxidants are important for the elimination of free radicals and that is why people suffering from pancreatitis should include these foods more into their diet. Some of these foods are berries, cherries, bell peppers and pomegranate. Apart from destroying free radicals, these antioxidants will strengthen the tissues of pancreas.

Reducing the intake of fats and on the other hand increasing the intake of protein is important as well. Deep fried and junk food should not be consumed. On the other hand, people should include foods rich in protein like chicken, fish, soy milk, yogurt and beans.

Additional tips

A person whose pancreas is damaged must at all cost avoid eating spicy foods in order not to further damage the pancreas. This goes for drinking sodas as well. People should also eat six smaller meals instead of three big ones.

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