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The New Way of Acupuncture

Acupuncture seems to evolve with the times and since today's world is a world run by lasers and sensors instead of mechanical gadgets, new acupuncture seems to have become modernized in a similar way. Namely the new laser acupuncture, as its name already suggests uses lasers instead of needles, emitting heeling rays into the same spots acupuncture does. Thus, the effect is the same, the means are different, and the pain can be gone. This innovative way of therapy has been used for many different purposes, spanning from treating certain joint or bone problems, all the way to stopping addictions and some other lifestyle-related problems. The following lines will show you the fields of medicine laser acupuncture can be used in effectively, probably healing many people as we speak.

Ways of Using Laser Acupuncture

One of the methods which are still under development and research is using laser acupuncture to quit smoking. This type of acupuncture exposes certain parts of your body to laser beams which provide you with a feeling of pleasant heat, triggering a release of our body's happy hormones. This way, one is able to bypass his/her urge for cigarettes, simply by being exposed to these rays. We are yet to see whether this method will be as effective as it holds promise.

Another field where laser acupuncture can find its use is treating allergies. By exposing certain cells in our body to low level laser beams, we can treat allergies and make one resistant to the allergens in question. Basically, photons in the laser beams can re-program one's cells into tolerating allergens instead of causing an allergic reaction.

By reducing appetite and hunger, while, at the same time stimulating release of endorphins, laser acupuncture can help people lose weight more easily. Sure, you would still need to work out and lead a healthy life, but the whole process of calorie burning is much easier with this innovative method.

Finally, laser acupuncture is proven to increase a woman's chances of getting pregnant by in vitro fertilization by even 15%. It reduces stress, improves circulation, and helps in creating the best environment for successful fertilization. Yet, you are highly advised not to indulge into this without your doctor's consent.

All in all, laser acupuncture is a new world full of possibilities. Even though it still is a world yet to be explored, it can be a true breakthrough for the modern medicine, helping people with solving numerous health and lifestyle-related problems.

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