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When is that moment in the life when you start asking certain questions regarding the environment and people that surround you? For most of people, in teen years, some things start to change and the mind starts developing in a new direction. Questions like where do we come from, what are we made of (except for the obvious), how to achieve your full potential and others are more or less standard issues that a teenager has to deal with in teen years.

The questions

One of the questions that run around the teenage mind is regarding the possible options when it comes to achieving the full potential. To achieve your full potential certain things have to be done. A person has to know what exactly he or she wants with life. Once that goal is set, it is obvious that a plan is needed to reach that goal. It might be for the best to create several smaller steps while reaching that goal, but even those small steps might prove to be very difficult. Also, since these are teen years we are talking about, a person has to be prepared for a sudden change of the opinion, which requires changing the plan as we go along and changing those mentioned first steps.

The answers

A young mind starts to realize that there might be more than one answer to the posed questions, more than just one universal being that seeks answers. This creates another set of questions that might leave a person in the ocean of unanswered questions and non-satisfying answers. Finding oneself in that ocean is needed for achieving your full potential. Without that, it might be possible that the person will remain undeveloped fully through the entire life.

The truth

Is finding oneself and achieving the full potential really necessary? How is that constant chase after something a method for reaching a complete inner harmony? Or is the chase itself what makes us enhanced to the maximum? Perhaps the effort itself is the only true thing that matters, that will make us better and more improved beings. Or is that just another excuse if a success was not reached? It is possible that the full potential is always something different with each being and therefore, different methods are required to reach that ultimate state of mind being in control over everything that surrounds it. Is that control really necessary? Another set of questions can be posed here, with or without the answers that are constantly feeding the mentioned ocean of uncertainty, the only thing that we are certain exists in our lives.

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