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Inconvenient truth

Though the results,made public by the research study lasting for 7 years, are not at all favorable, they nevertheless needed to be revealed. They refer to the possible healthdamaging side effects of the drug known as Accutane.The main reason behind this need is the fact that people responsible forthe production of this drug somehow never found it necessary to inform the generalpublic and their customers about its side effects, even though there have also been cases of the people committing suicide under the influence of this drug,

Efficient anti-acnedrug?

In case a person issuffering from any of the more severe cases, i.e. varieties of the skincondition known as acne, and no conventional treatment methods and therapieshave provided any results and improvement, the next step dermatologists tendedto take is recommending the drug in question, also known as Isotretinoin. Another importantcharacteristic of this drug is that is belongs to the category of potent oraldrugs, produced by Hoffman-LaRoche, which has yielded pretty astonishing resultswhen it comes to the overall decreasing of the acne and the relatedmanifestations, and in the matter of 15 to 20 weeks only. But despite thisincredible success rate, even in battling off those most severe cases of acne,the fact still remains that it is potentially extremely dangerous – there havebeen recorded cases with rather too severe and also long lasting side effects.

Side effects

Despite the fact thatcertain Isotretinoin related side effects are pretty mild in nature and quitetolerable, such as the dryness of the lips, eyes and skin, increased sunsensitivity and hair thinning, the list of those even more severe and extremelydangerous side effects is considered to be even lengthier one. They include thefollowing:

Pain extremely severe in natureaffecting large joints and also lower back and the related regionSerious allergic reactionsRashesDifficulty in breathingVision related problemsLoss of hearingDamage of the liver, permanent innatureRecurring headaches and migrainesSkeletal hyperostosis

But, unfortunately,this is not the end of the list. Considered to be two of the most severe andhealth damaging effects are the tendency to induce various birth defects incase it is consumed by a pregnant woman, as well as by a woman who becamepregnant while being on an Accutane therapy. Another condition that is relatedto its use is frequent mood swings, which can potentially lead to the occurrenceof depression, although additional researches need to be performed on this matter there. The fact still remains, and is clearly put forward by the manufacturer– it does cause mood swings.

The most horrifyingfact in relation to this drug is that statistics dating from 1989 all the wayto 2003 reveal that out of 216 drug-induced suicides among teenpopulation under 18 years of age, as many as 72 were connected to Accutaneitself.

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