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There are so many different types of exercises that have now been designed to help you with just about any area of fitness you wish to improve on, whether it is muscle building, strength building, stamina training and so on. Kettle bell exercises can improve the results of your fitness regimen. What are Kettle bell Exercises

This type of exercise is for training your strength using hand weights called kettle bells. The actual weight is made out of cast iron and has a flat surface on the bottom side. There is a large variation of weights to choose from and they were invented in Russia. In some places the kettle bell exercise is also referred to as the Gievoy Sport. The kettle bell exercises benefit a person by helping them in building their muscles, losing fat and conditioning of their body. For the first timers, it is wise to start with the lighter kettle bells to avoid any injury.

Kettle bell Front Squat

To do this exercise you need to hold the kettle bells and put them in front of your chest area. Your feet need to be hip width apart and your knees with a little bend in them. Now you can start to lower down your body making sure you are bending from the hips and the knees and not from your back. It should look like a sitting position but with your knees above your feet. Go as low to the point where your thighs are parallel to the ground after which you can slowly rise up to the position you started with. This really works on the abdominals as well.

Kettle bell Swing

To do this exercise you need to put and hold one of the kettle bells in between your legs. Now you can bend your torso over the kettle bell but remember to keep your back straight to avoid an injury. At this stage you need to allow the kettle bell to swing backwards a little and then let it swing up to the chest area in which you will have to use pressure to get the kettle bell that high up. It is important to remember to keep your arms and hips straight and keep your knees and ankles extended out in front of you throughout the movements. If you need to take a break then just slow down the swing and bring it to a stop. Fitness trainers recommend this for losing weight.

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