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Today people in general are burdened with a heavier work load coupled with many other daily stresses and responsibilities. Due to this tiredness and the feeling that the energy has been taken away from you, came the invention of the energy drinks.

What is Caffeine

A mild psychoactive stimulation can be caused from the consumption of caffeine because it is a Xanthine Alkaloid. In its purest natural form it is rather bitter and looks white. A man named Friedrich Ferdinand Runge discovered it, however, it was ultimately used by lots of cultures for a substantial number of decades. Today, caffeine and energy drinks in general are popular the world but most people are also aware that you can in fact over dose on them. Usually it takes about one hour to influence a human system and this is prolonged for a further three to four hours. If a person does over dose on caffeine it is usually noticed by the nervous system, heart, brain, lungs, respiration and even urination systems. Furthermore, it is untrue that caffeine can instantly wake you up. It is estimated that people in America drink about two hundred and eighty milligrams of caffeine each and every day which is around three mugs of coffee. Plants were the original founders of caffeine, however, these days it is manufactured. It is supposed to be slightly addictive, and nonetheless most people seem to have a rather strong addiction to the substance and claim not to be able to function in the mornings without it.

Content of a Caffeine Energy Drink

The majority of energy drinks that are recognized by well-known medical associations contain a harmless content of caffeine.

Are Energy Drink Caffeine Levels Too Elevated

Some of the popular brands of caffeine energy drinks are listed here with their amounts of milligrams of caffeine per ounce. Firstly Rockstar is 10 as is Monster drink, Red bull has 9.5, a cup of coffee has 7.51 and the classic coca cola has 2.9. Research shows that amid two hundred and three hundred milligrams of caffeine has little outcome on the regular adult. It is also said as well if you consume more than six hundred then you could feel side effects such as nausea, insomnia, heart arrhythmia, irritability, nervousness, anxiety, muscle tremors and headaches. These symptoms severity will depend on your age, weight, stress levels, whether you take drugs, use any medication, or smoke.

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