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Scientists have discovered a pill that will stop period pain for millions of women all over the world. More than 90% of women worldwide have to deal with period cramps that are especially common among young and middle-aged women. Period pain, also known as dysmenorrhea, is the leading cause of absenteeism from school and work in women in their teens and 20s. This way dysmenorrhea not only diminishes the quality of life for millions of women but also has a huge economic cost. This cost involves an enormous number of days lost from work and school, and of course more or less successful cost of treatments for menstrual pain.

The magic pill that could treat period symptoms such as upset stomachs, mood swings, ovary pain etc. could be taken ahead of a woman's period and it could prevent the pain. As an alternative, it could be taken when required, easing pain when the pain hits. Scientists say the pill is very likely to be prescription only and that it could be out on the market in about 4 years. The inventions of the pill are of course sure the pill will work better than any of the drugs or treatments currently available, such as strong painkillers to relaxation techniques and hot water bottles. Currently a large trial is under way and the results will be known later this year. So far preliminary tests were made on small group of women with painful periods, and the results were promising: they showed the pill is to be safe and without any side effects.

The pill works by reducing levels of vasopressin, the hormone controlling the movement of the womb's muscles. The pain is namely caused by the womb contracting during a period, and the pill suppresses the movement of the womb's muscles by controlling and reducing levels of vasopressin. If trials that are about to follow fulfill the promise a company behind the pill, Vantia, could have massive annual income.

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