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Male contraceptive pills have been invented before, but now a new birth control pill allowing men to take charge of their fertility has been developed a birth control pill that does not use hormones, and that only needs to be taken once every three months. Scientists from the bar-Ilan University of Isreal have created an oral birth control pill that deactivates sperm by removing an essential protein it needs to successfully fertilize an egg.

The scientist who headed the project, Professor Heim Breitbart, said he hopes the new oral pill could be available on the market in less than three years. If he is right, millions of men could soon be using this pill. Apparently, unlike the female contraceptive pill, this new pill has few to no side effects. It works by removing an essential protein that is needed for conception from sperm, but at the same time still allowing the sperm to reach the uterus. The team that developed the pill is ecstatic, and says that because there are no hormones involved, the new pill does not cause loss of libido, depression, mood swings or any of the other negative side effects associated with the birth control pill.

Professor Beirbart said about his invention: "We looked at a number of compounds that have no effect on male sex drive, but succeed in impairing the reproductive ability of the sperm. Because there are no hormonal side effect we believe that it will be fairly easy to get approval for this pill". The amazing thing is that, if the claims of the team that invented this pill are true, it would be 100 percent effective in preventing pregnancy. I am glad that the burden of birth control could finally be taken off the backs of women, and that men will also have a chance to be fully responsible for their fertility. What are your opinions? Do you think this new pill will catch on? Do you think it might cause a drop in birth rates?

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