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Gallbladder disease diet

The organ which has the shape of a pear and is located under the liver is called gallbladder. Gallbladder has the function of bile storing. When people eat food, it goes from the stomach to the small intestine and when it gets there gallbladder expels the bile in order to help with the digestion. However, when bile has too much cholesterol, gallstones tend to occur. People who are on a high-fat diet have more chance of developing gallstones.

Gallbladder diet
People who have some sort of a gallbladder disease are advised to go on a low-fat diet. In order to properly digest all the fat, there has to be enough bile. If the gallbladder does not produce enough bile a person will not be able to digest the fat and may experience some illness like diarrhea for instance. People who had a gallbladder surgery are strongly advised to go on a diet because of that. If a person is on a low-fat diet then there is no need for the gallbladder to produce too much bile.

However, if there is too much cholesterol in the bile, gallstones will appear. In these situations people need to consume more starchy food like bread, cereals and rice. It is also good to add vegetables and fruits to the diet because of the fiber.

Low fat diet and gallbladder
Cholesterol is one of the main causes of gallbladder diseases. People who are already suffering from gallstones or some other gallbladder disorder should avoid eating fatty or fried foods and red meat. They should also use vinegar or olive oil instead of the usual salad dressings. Large meals and carbonated drinks should be avoided as often as possible.

Diet for gallbladder disease

When people are suffering from some gallbladder disease they should consume foods like skimmed or low fat milk instead of full fat cheeses and yogurts into their diet. When preparing meat, people should make the meats leaner and make sure to remove all the fat from it. Doctors advise the people to intake fish oil capsules because of the Omega 3 oils they contain. These oils prevent the cholesterol from formatting in bile.

A person should also eat vegetables and fruits as often as possible because of the fiber.

Diet after gallbladder removal
People who had their gallbladder removed must follow the instructions which the low-fat diet dictates. Diet after gallbladder removal usually contains fluids and high fibers. Another thing that people should remember is to avoid convenience foods and fast foods because of the hidden fats.

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