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Pregnancy and vaginal discharge

Many young women dream to get married some day and have many children. Therefore, the pregnancy is one of the most exciting and beautiful periods in the life of almost every woman. These nine months are full of joy at the thought of carrying a new life inside the belly. However, during this period, the majority of woman must face many unpleasant things because there are many changes that occur in her body. The hormones play the main role during pregnancy. Their levels are changed and thus lead to many physical, but also psychological alternations.

One of the discomforts that a pregnant woman may confront with is vaginal discharge. It is a common condition because the amount of blood is increased during pregnancy, as well as the levels of estrogen, especially, to the vaginal area. However, the vaginal discharge may differ in color and in consistence. There are many types of vaginal discharge, such as white and light yellow discharge, which are not serious. On the other side, when thick yellow vaginal discharge occurs in a pregnant woman, it is usually a sign of some type of infection or some disease.

Leucorrhea is the yellow vaginal discharge which usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy. It is transparent and does not have foul smell. This yellow vaginal discharge is made of vaginal and cervical secretion, as well as of old vaginal cells and normal bacteria that are found in the walls of the vagina.

Causes of yellow vaginal discharge during pregnancy

When the vaginal discharge is light in color and when it does not smell bad, it is not a serious condition. However, when it is thick yellow or green in color and has foul odor, then it may indicate that there is some disease or infection.

One of the causes for the occurrence of this condition is bacterial vaginosis, an infection that can be got through sexual intercourse, and is manifested through a burning sensation while urinating, or a yellow discharge that has a fishy smell. Another cause of yellow vaginal discharge during pregnancy may be inflamed or infected cervical polyps that form in the passage from the uterus to the cervical canal. Trichomoniasis is a sexually transmitted disease that is caused by a parasite called Trichomoniasis. This parasite causes excessive yellow vaginal discharge. Another sexually transmitted disease that also tends to cause abnormal and thick yellow or green vaginal discharge is chlamydia. This condition should be treated immediately because it can lead to a miscarriage, or it can affect the baby. Yeast infections are also one of the causes for the occurrence of yellow vaginal discharges in pregnant women.

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