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Xenicalcapsules contains lipase inhibitor substance called orlistat. These capsules areused to help in weight loss with the overweight and obese patients.

Orlistat worksin our stomach and small intestine,preventing gastric and pancreatic lipases. The medicine prevents the food to be destroyed in the intestines and absorbed by the body.Instead the fat we eat is excreted as faeces, which helps enormously withthe weight loss.

It isrecommended to increase physical activity and be on a reduced diet, whiletaking orlistat. For actual calorie intake you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Very common sideeffects of orlistat are headache, abdominal pain and discomfort, wind, oily andfatty stools, diarrhea, urgent or increased needs to open the bowels, low levelsof blood sugar in patients with type2 diabetes. Less common side effectsincludes pain or discomfort in the rectum, abdominal bloating in people with 2 types of diabetes, tooth or gum disorders, chest and urinary infections, tiredness,irregular menstrual cycle and anxiety. There have been reported cases of rectalbleeding, inflammation of pancreas, inflammation of the liver, diverticulitis,gallstones, raised liver enzymes, kidney stones (in patients with chronickidney disease) and skin blisters, while using orlistat.

Any previouslyused medicines: OTC (over the counter), herbal remedies or medicines with the prescriptionshould be mentioned to your doctor before the start of the treatment withorlistat, because of the possible interactions.

The manufacturerof orlistat strongly suggests that this medication should not be used withacarbose and ciclosporin, or at least levels of ciclosporin should be monitoredby your doctor.

When using orlistat with anticoagulants,patients’ blood clotting time must be closely monitored.

A consultationwith your doctor or pharmacist is needed if you’re using amiodarone, or medicinesfor diabetes, high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Using orlistat withlevotyroxine may cause levotyroxine to work less effective, and the doctor’sadvice is necessary in this case.

When usingsome antiepileptic medicines, such as valproate or lamotrigine, orlistat couldinterfere and decrease the amount of these medications. This might cause ineffectivenessof antiepileptics and provoke worse seizures or more frequent seizures.

Multivitamin supplementsshould be used two or more hours before orlistat, or before sleep. If used in adifferent manner, orilstat will prevent the absorption of vitamins.

Orlistat is known tocause severe diarrhea, which may interfere with the absorption of contraceptivetablets and generate their ineffectiveness. When using orlistat women areadvised to use extra measures of contraception, such as condoms, to preventunwanted pregnancy.

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