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Low self-esteem is a feeling which is more typical of females than males. There are many womenwhose self-esteem can be quite easily disturbed even by a slight mistake orcriticism. Low self-esteem is something that millions of women have to cope withfrom their childhood throughout the whole life. It can be quite serious when it is responsible for the development of several others conditions like depression, eating disorders and poor performancein school or at work. The women with low self-esteem donot realize how special they are and they do not see their potentials andtheir values.

Causes of low self-esteem

Many women begin to think that theydo not look pretty enough and that they are worthless due to media, any kind ofrejection and abuse. There are also women who have low self-esteem since theyare not satisfied with their appearance, particularly if they are obese or older or havechildren. What a woman should know is that everythingis in her mind and that the self-doubt and fears created in the mind only leadto the drop in the confidence and self-respect. Even though many people canfind that they are precious and valuable, many women cannot see that and theyconstantly put themselves under some kind of examination. Making comparisons of themselves to some other woman also makes many women lose the feeling of self-worth.

How to improve the self-esteem?

Every woman with low self-esteemshould know that she is not alone and that many women also have problems with confidence.Luckily, it is something that isn't difficult to overcome. If you are uncertain about howpretty you are, then you should start to take care of your skin and hair, begin to wear make up and regularly exercise.

Apart from the body, our mind shouldalso be refreshed and occupied by learning always something new and alwaysthinking in a positive way. That can boost your self-esteem. You should becareful about what you are watching or listening or reading. The bad thoughts andeverything that causes bad feelings should be avoided. It is important to stop making comparisonsto any other woman, because the goal is to make the best “you”.

You should stay apart from the peoplewho are negative and who have ability to bring you down. Every woman should make a list ofher attributes and the things she is excellent at. If the list is long, it isvery good for increasing the self-esteem. However, the best way to increasethe confidence is simply in believing in ourselves.

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