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As I am writing this, maternity hospitals across the United States and most other developed countries are providing the best possible care to babies born prematurely. Babies born as early as 24 weeks into a pregnancy can successfully survive, and thrive, with the right care. For many families, this means that they have to watch their tiny baby being cared for in NICU units for many months often too weak and small to regulate their own temperature or breastfeeding. While these brave babies struggle for survival with the help of the best professionals, a tragedy of a totally different dimension takes place on the other side of the globe, in China. This story is not suitable for the sensitive. If you don't want to hear about a baby being killed nearly at term, do not read on.

Xiao Aiying was eight months pregnant when Chinese communist party officials from the so-called "neighborhood office" knocked on her door. They had come to enforce government policy. In panic, Xiao Aiying called her husband, who rushed home immediately. But it was already too late. Aiying was taken by local officials, because her pregnancy violated the Chinese one-child policy, and that was a violation that had to be "corrected". After a poisonous injection into her uterus, Xiao Aiying's second baby was born dead as local communist party officials looked on.

If you are crying while reading this, you are not the only one. This story is a true tragedy, and the officials committed nothing short of a horrific crime. Respect for human life apparently does not exist in this part of the world. The feminists who fought for the right to have an abortion for so long did not have this in mind, I am sure. The family is powerless to do anything about it, and their dead baby will never come back. But, the baby's father Luo Yanquan refused to be silenced and posted his story on the internet.

"Congratulations to the Xiamen City, Yuandang Street, Neighborhood Office for successfully killing another baby. My wife was eight months pregnant, but because it was our second she was kidnapped from our home by the Neighborhood Office on Oct. 10." Threats were already sent his way to remove his comments from the internet, or "someone would pay him a visit". Apparently, forced abortions are common in rural areas of China. The party official who carried out the order told the press: No matter whether she is pregnant for eight or nine months, there must be an abortion! Also see postpartum depression after abortion, and get pregnant through IVF, then have an abortion? for related posts. We'd welcome your comments on this story.

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