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New Year of Self-disappointment

Every New Year is the time of greatchanges, even though none of them actually happen. It is one of therare times which are inflated with human optimism and the actualbelief into a better tomorrow. However, everything connected to thisfestive spirit is not long lasting. Namely, as soon as the clutchesof your daily grind get the best of you once again, you forget allthe plans you made for this year, along with the optimism which issomewhere far, far away, like Santa Claus, waiting for the next endof December to pop in again.

The same is with New Year'sresolutions. People seem to be so hooked up on them, even thoughthere is no chance that 99% of people will keep their promises madeto themselves. Many who say that they will stop eating too much andwill lose weight, forget what they said as soon as the holidays areover. Moreover, they increase their weight since, in this time of theyear, there is food everywhere and people tend to put on severalpounds, paradoxically making promises of achieving quite thecontrary. The same is with other New Year's resolutions.

This isbecause people are more connected to the date than to the feeling andthe desire for a change. You need to want your resolutions to takeplace in a real life, regardless of the date. You can find a better jobin May or lose weight in September, just do it. You need to make anoath to yourself and muster all the strength, persistence and strongwill you have, investing all these into the achievement of yourgoals. New Year is not important for this. However, the strength ofyour resolution is.

How to Achieve Set Goals

First of all, if you desire to make achange for the better, make it. Do not dwell upon the fact thatsomething is wrong while doing the same wrong thing continuously.Next, do not try the impossible and expect you can do it. Makerealistic goals which can be accomplished in a realistic period oftime.

Also, do not force changes if you donot want them. This is counter-productive and you do not need tochange just because everyone else is yelling they will. Once you feela desire for being different, engage into the metamorphosis. Justmake sure you plan it out with a sober mind. Additionally, be gradualin the changes you make, taking it one step at a time. Finally, themoment you trigger the changing process, there is no turning back.Evaluate your process regularly and do not even think about quittingbefore you achieve the necessary results.

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