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It is essential for intended parents to do a detailed research before bringing life changing decision. No matter the surrogacy, Gestational or Traditional, they should be very careful and in an attempt to cut financial corners they often fall into the traps of making the mistake of their lives.

Here is a very important list, a list made by Shanon LaMothe, who is an expert in a field of surrogacy, a checklist that will help you avoid the most common and devastating mistakes that can happen in the process of surrogacy:

Hire an agency: most intended parent think they will manage the process themselves they think that by leaving the agency out they save the money. The harsh reality is that it is very probable that on the long run they will spend more money (and time) if they leave the agency out of the surrogacy process. It is important not to work with surrogate mothers who are under-aged (women who are younger than 21 years old) This may come as a common sense, but in situations like this there is no common sense. Avoid surrogacy cooperation with women who has never given birth to a child of her own: pregnancy is a very emotional period of time and a woman that has never given birth before cannot predict what kind of emotions pregnancy will raise Use only a contract with legal guidance. You may be surprised, but some people even download contract from the web and usually contracts like this do not contain legal guidance. Don't use the sperm from an ex boyfriend this may seem obvious, but since the surrogacy expert brings that up, there must a case that didn't end up good. Avoid working with a Surrogate who lives in a state that makes "commercial surrogacy contracts" unenforceable Don't have your surrogate stay with you for more than a week if at all possible (offer a hotel or condo near by).

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