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One of the most important steps in the adoption process is choosing an adoption agency. Different people have different needs, different standards and different expectations, and for this reason it is essential that prior to deciding on a specific agency, you ask the questions you want to have answers to. Because only if you educate yourself, search the internet, join support groups, attend adoption meetings and ask questions, your choice will be the right choice and the journey of adopting a child and welcoming a new member of a family will be much easier.

You should pay special attention to the agency you choose: decide on a agency that meets your needs and standards. Think about what is important to you and your partner. You do realize that you wouldn't buy a new car without thorough research and comparison shopping, and the process of choosing an adoption agency is very similar. Perhaps it is the location that is important to you perhaps you want to have the physical access to adoption agency in your local community. Maybe you are interested in the specific children the agency serve, for example maybe they specialize in domestic or international adoptions only. It is also possible the agency has specific requirements for families. Before deciding for a specific adoption agency, you should consider all these things and decide for a one that suits your wishes.

Every agency should offer adoption information meetings, and this is the place to ask questions about agency and anything you would like to know about the process of adoption. What questions should you ask? What training does the agency offer for various types of adoptions? In case of international adoption, what are the trainings that an agency will prepare for parenting children of a different racial or cultural background? What support services does the agency provide? In case of experiencing postplacement difficulties, what help is given to families? In case of domestic adoption of an infant, what counseling is provided for the birth parents? There are also some red flags, you should be very careful about. For example, you should be careful about agencies that promise a child before a family assessment, or for example agencies that tell their clients that the birth parents will relinquish a baby before birth. Also, be wary of agencies that require no home study fee.

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