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When you started trying for a baby, you probably hoped (and perhaps even assumed) that it would happen easily, within a couple of months. If you are still trying to conceive six months, a year, or several years later, you will be wondering why you are not getting pregnant. The answer could be complex, but also rather simple.

Health or lifestyle

While infertility is often a serious medical condition that needs adequate medical treatment, it can also be a more simple matter. Lifestyle factors can are often are responsible for someone's "infertility". Try getting tested for nutritional deficiencies, stopping smoking, quitting alcohol, and even looking at your stress levels. In men, wearing tight synthetic underwear can even be the sole reason why they can't get their partner pregnant. Changing bad habits that are detrimental to your health will greatly improve your fertility.

Not enough sex, or at the wrong time

The female fertile window lasts for around five days. Ovulation is the process in which a newly mature egg is released from one of the ovaries, and that egg remains viable for around 24 hours. The days before ovulation can be considered part of the fertile days because sperm can survive inside the female body for five to seven days. The point of the story? If you have tons of intercourse, but not at the right time, you won't get pregnant. Find out when you ovulate using an ovulation calendar, ovulation tests, or charting to conceive and make sure to be intimate in that time.

Medical issues

Couples who are otherwise healthy, know when the female partner ovulates, and have no other known issues should see a doctor for further fertility analysis especially if they are 35 or over. You could have blocked fallopian tubes, be anovulatory, have a partner with a low sperm count, or just have "idiopathic infertility" (which means it's not clear why you are infertile) without ever knowing about it. Tackling this as soon as possible means you allow yourself time to get treatment, if need be.

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