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It is quite common for babies not older than one year of age to be suffering from gases. Every mother knows this and some prepare for it better than others. Experts claim that gas is created at the time when the baby consumes either breast milk or baby formula for the very first time. The gas is created during the process of digestion because of the milk contents. However, not all babies experience the same gas problems.

Babies are the ones that suffer but mothers have a pretty bad time as well when their child is having quite painful discomfort symptoms. Experts say that there are various reasons why a baby might suffer from gas in the stomach but one of the most common of causes is immature digestive system. Digestive system of the babies is still not properly developed and that is why there is so much gas in the digestive tract. The parents need to know the main causes and symptoms in order to properly help the child.

Gassy baby causes and symptoms

One of the main causes of gas is air that baby might swallow during the feeding. The diet of the mother can cause gas as well. Certain nutrients and gas causing agents pass from the breastfeeding mother to the baby. This is why a mother needs to make sure that she does not consume any foods that cause gas like cabbage, legumes and dairy products. Acidic foods and citrus fruits should be avoided as well.

When a baby is old between 3 and 6 months, he or she has the most chance of suffering from gases. A parent will know that the baby is suffering from gas problems if he or she sees some of the most common symptoms like sleeping problems, irritability, fussiness and crying for a long period of time without a proper reason. In case of gas problems these symptoms can usually be seen after feeding. Apart from these, some of the other symptoms are abdominal bloating, distended stomach and frequent passing of gas. A parent can massage the stomach of the baby and feel bubbles in that area. Remedies and cure

It is normal for a baby to cry but too much crying will result in engulfing of air which will only make the situation worse. A proper baby feeding habit is one way to get rid of gas in baby. Burping the baby and patting his or her back will reduce gas accumulation in the digestive tract. Parents who use bottles to feed the baby should make sure that the nipple size is accurate. Massaging the tummy of the baby also helps.

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