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Most women who are hoping to start trying for a baby soon, or who have already started their quest to conceive, know that pin pointing ovulation is the single most important thing you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Ovulation tests, also known as ovulation predictor kits, are arguably the best tool anyone could use to achieve this. But which ovulation test is best? There are many ovulation tests on the market, and which are "best" depends on personal preference to some extent.

The price is also important, especially if you are, as some call it, a "POAS (pee on a stick) addict", who uses many ovulation predictor kits in a single month. Bulk buying ovulation tests online can help reduce the cost a bit, but there will still be differences in price from one ovulation test to another. Some women report that the cheapest tests, from sites like early pregnancy tests, contain so little dye that it is extremely difficult to see a positive test, but others like them for the fact that they are cheap there are some sites that sell generic ovulation strips for as little as $11 for 50 tests!

Still, there is no doubt about the fact that ovulation tests from First Response and Clearblue are well known and popular for a reason. These tests are easy to use, no hassle, and have dye that can be easily seen. At $25 to $32 for 20 pieces, the price difference is really significant however. But there is more to choose from than the most expensive and cleverly marketed ovulation tests and the cheapest generic tests. Plenty of ladies love the ovulation tests that are offered by stores like Walmart and Target, and their price ranges are a happy compromise as well. Deciding which tests you like best will take a while and some experimenting, but hopefully you will be pregnant soon, and will not need the tests any more!

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