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A pregnancy test is a pregnancy test, and it does not matter which one you buy because they all do the same thing. Right or wrong? Well, according to many women who regularly do pregnancy tests because they are hoping for a baby each month, there is a large difference between pregnancy tests that use blue dye, and pregnancy tests that use pink dye. Which one is better, and why?

Of course, there are expensive and cheap pregnancy tests on the market. Some women assume that the more expensive ones much be better and more sensitive, and that well-known and well-marketed brands are automatically preferred. Other women, especially the so-called "pee on a stick (POAS) addicts" who like to test frequently, even before the expected date of their period, swear that the dollar store tests work best and save them money. Why does it matter if you use tests with pink or blue dye? A little social research among friends shows that the complaints about both types of dye are identical. Some say the blue dye has a tendency of giving false positives... but others have the exact same thing to say about pink-dye tests!

Both types of tests also get the complaint that the result is sometimes difficult to read. Perhaps a pregnancy test is a pregnancy test, at the end of the day? It looks like women need to just find the pregnancy test that they personally prefer. But, here is to hoping you will not be able to spend months and months on testing every pregnancy test on the market! Hopefully you will soon be expecting a baby, so you can forget about pregnancy tests altogether! If you would like to read more about pregnancy tests, see Will a home pregnancy test catch an ectopic pregnancy? and How soon after a missed period can you take a pregnancy test?

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