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Ovulation tests are pretty nifty tools that allow you to determine your most fertile days with great accuracy. Isn't it amazing, when you think about it, that all you need to do to find out whether you are ovulating is peeing on a stick, which then detects what hormones are present in our urine? That is a luxury that our parents and grandparents certainly did not have. When you use ovulation tests right, they can significantly boost your chances of getting pregnant during any one cycle. As any woman who has ever taken an at-home pregnancy test knows, urine pregnancy tests are best taken in the morning. That is because the hormone detected by such a test, hCG, is produced at the highest levels in the morning. That means that you have the best chance to get the most accurate results if you test first thing in the morning.

But once again, anyone who has ever taken a home pregnancy test knows that it is also possible to get reliable results at other times of the day at least with the pregnancy tests that are on the market in this day and age. Ovulation tests detect the hormone LH, luteinizing hormone. This hormone is at its highest levels during the afternoon, and therefore it is recommended that you carry out an ovulation test after midday. This ensures that you will get the most accurate test results. At the same time, it is also possible to get test results that are spot on at any time of the day. The time you decide to test at is, in the first place, dependent on your levels of patience! If you can't wait to see that smiley face that tells you that you are fertile, by all means test away in the morning, of evening. Just know that you may have to repeat the test in the afternoon to make sure you get an accurate result. Note: if you get a positive ovulation test, you can be pretty sure you are ovulating because LH is not produced at any other time. If you get a negative test, you might still be ovulating.

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