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Once a month every mature womanexperiences ovulation, with the exception of pregnancy period. Most of women don’texactly know when they are ovulating or how long it lasts. What is anovulation? It is a process in which our body produces a single mature egg. Youare most likely to conceive during an ovulation. If any of you want to staypregnant, this article will provide you with some helpful information.

The time of Ovulation Occurrence

Under normal circumstances, an ovulation takes place 14 daysafter the first day of your menstrual period or 14 days before the beginning ofthe second one. There are some changes in your body that can be noticed and that indicate that you are ovulating. Forexample, you might experience white cervical mucus, abdominal pain, tenderbreasts, and cramps. There is another way to determine the time of yourovulation and it is done when the lutheal phase is subtracted from the length ofmenstrual cycle. Lutheal phase is a phase that refers to the period that startswith the day of ovulation and ends with the last days of menstrual cycle. Nowadays,there are some ovulation predictor kits that can be bought and that can be used todetermine the time of your ovulation.

The period of ovulation can bechanged if you have some medical condition, or you have had a stressful periodof life. There are many factors that can affect your ovulation, so if you areusing it in order not to stay pregnant, be careful as it may fool you. Theonly constant thing in the ovulation process is its duration.

Duration of Ovulation

We have determined that the women are most fertile in theovulation period, but how long does it last? The period of ovulation lasts fromfive to seven days. It starts four or five days before ovulation and ends oneor two after it. So, according to this, it you have had a sexual intercourse twodays after the ovulation, you might still stay pregnant. If you succeed inconceiving, the egg will settle on the uterus wall and start developing into anembryo, but if you don’t manage to fertilize the egg in the ovulation period, the egg will start to degenerate andwill be expelled from your body during your menstrual period. Therefore, by knowingthe length of your ovulation you can improve your chances for conceiving orrestraining from unwanted pregnancy.

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