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Feeling fetal movement is a wonderful sensation that helps you bond with your baby during pregnancy. First time moms can after hardly wait to feel their baby kick. If you are pregnant with your second child, the sensations of your baby moving inside you are already familiar, from that first butterfly-like flutter to the heavy third-trimester boxing exercises. But that does not mean you are any less excited about feeling your baby kick! Do women generally feel their babies kick earlier in a subsequent pregnancy?

Most women who are pregnant for the first time notice their baby kick for the first time somewhere between 18 and 22 weeks along. In the beginning, it can be rather difficult to tell fetal movement apart from digestive activities a rumbling stomach or your bowels. Women who are already experienced moms are more likely to feel their baby kick earlier in pregnancy for the simple reason that it is easier for them to recognize those first flutters. Some expectant mothers who have already been there, done that notice fetal movement as early as 11 or 12 weeks. Ultrasound technology has shown as that fetal movement starts around six or seven weeks into a pregnancy, but it is extremely rare to be feeling fetal movement before the first trimester of pregnancy is up, simply because your uterus is still tucked into your abdominal cavity at that stage.

Women who have anterior placenta, in other words a placenta that is attached to the front of your uterus, where your tummy is, feel their baby kick later in pregnancy simply because the placenta cushions the baby's movement so that you can't detect it. Therefore, it is not necessarily a cause for concern if you are not feeling your baby earlier than before, but you should keep your doctor or midwife up to date on the developments in your pregnancy. However, if you have felt movement before, and your baby suddenly stops kicking, make sure to take appropriate action right away.

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